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Normal, IL

What's better than love? PIZZA! Okay... well maybe a close second but when you combine the two, you get total fireworks! Taylor is a fellow photographer in the area and always down for shoots that involve cuddling. The moment I mentioned pizza, Alex and Taylor were BOTH in. This sessions consisted of eating Giordano's while sitting real close, which neither of them minded. Check out how cheesy this got! HA, see what I did there? Okay, sorry, please look at my photos.----->


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Laundromat Lovin' // Brad+Elizabeth  

Bloomington, IL


Brad + Elizabeth

I met these two at one of my very first weddings a few years back. Their energy filled the room every time I saw them and they are absolutely crazy about each other. Elizabeth and I became friends and has since recommended me to her friends getting married! These two have been together for hot minute and were definitely due for some updated photos. Trusting me as their photog, they were totally down to shoot at the laundromat. Elizabeth rocked her overalls and Brad loved on her the whole session. 

As a couple they had their apprehensions about getting photos done because they aren't engaged and didn't want to make it seem that way. As Elizabeth was changing, I thanked Brad for doing this session with me even though I knew they were hesitant to get photos done. His response, "Anything to make her happy." 


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Jefferson Urban Candlelit Wedding || Peoria, IL  


Jefferson Wedding


The Warehouse on State, Peoria, IL

Mallory and Jerry had a beautiful candlelit wedding in Peoria, IL on the last day of March. Upon consultation, Mallory stressed that this is an intimate wedding and her guests and family were the most important part of the day. She loved my candid and raw style of being in the moment in my photographs. Their wedding day was very much reminiscent of the night Jerry Proposed:


"The night of the proposal Mallory was out of town on work and expected home around midnight. Jerry decided to stage the apartment to surprise Mallory with a proposal when she walked in the door. Needless to say, she was pleasantly surprised with the flowers, candles, wine and dessert, as well as her engagement ring that was custom-made.

Naturally, Jerry did not have much to say as Mallory walked in the door and after 2 minutes of both being nervous (Jerry) and shocked (Mallory), Mallory had to remind Jerry that he was supposed to actually ask her the big question...

The proposal was perfect in that it represented our relationship and Jerry's personality 100%."


The day was filled with love and the sweetest details. Mallory's mom, Trudy, picked out the most perfect earrings for Mallory to wear and surprised her with them the morning of. Mallory and Jerry really wanted family photos that weren't like the ordinary "stand-next-to-each-other-and-smile" family photos. They wanted dramatic photos utilizing the beauty of the Pere Marquette Hotel in downtown Peoria. Channeling my inner Vogue photog, I made this happen for them, regardless of it being way out of my ordinary style! Being in Illinois, we weren't sure what the weather was going to do, so we planned for everything. I brought clear umbrellas and had alternative spots to take photos at if it were to snow. Luckily the weather held off and we were able to get photographs in the rustic downtown Peoria. It's all about timing!









Florist: Artistic Flowers

Jeweler: Continental Wholesale Diamonds - Tampa

Formal Wear: Men’s Warehouse

Dress: David’s Bridal

Catering: Cracked Pepper

Cake: Trefzger’s Bakery

Make Up Artist: Kayla Pritchard

Hair Stylist: Staci Sterchi - Sculptures

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Thoms Intimate Elopement Rachel + Noah

Comlara Lake

Bloomington, IL

October 12, 2017


I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel at Illinois State University in the art program. Her and I instantly bonded over our love for photography. A few months had gone by and I receive and text from her saying, "Hey, what are you doing Thursday?" With it already being Monday of that week, I just planned to sit around and work on homework. She said, "My Fiance and I want to get married on Thursday and would love to have you shoot it." Immediately I was on board. It was so spur of the moment and I was excited to hear what they had planned.

We met the next night, Tuesday. Upon meeting, I was completely captivated by the way Noah and Rachel just LOVE each other. So genuinely and so deeply. When discussing all the details, I asked, "How many family and friends will be there?" Noah and Rachel lovingly looked at each other and started to giggle. Rachel looks up at me and says, "Zero." Surprised and shocked, I followed up with "If you don't mind me asking, why?" Rachel said, "Once we got engaged, we immediately started planning. We didn't realize how much actually goes into a wedding. People started to ask about all the details and we really tried to hang in there. One night, we joked about eloping but realized we could actually do it. We both started to realize that we were losing sight of why we are actually doing this. We decided that an intimate elopement would be perfect, us and God. Plus, our families often joke about us just eloping because that is our style." We continued this conversation for about 2 hours. I was amazed by the love and genuineness between those two. They were already one, but they wanted to make it official. Together, the three of us planned this elopement from decor to colors. Noah built a beautiful arbor with branches from his backyard and Rachel put together the floral arrangements.

The ceremony was to start right before sunset. My assistant and I arrived to help Noah set the decor up. It was important to Rachel that Noah doesn't see her before the ceremony started so I acted as a wedding planner for Rachel. The spot on Comlara Lake already had a natural aisle which was so perfect. Noah and Rachel chose to write their own vows that were extremely heartfelt and truthful. My favorite part of the ceremony was their "stand in" rings. With everything being so spur of the moment, Noah and Rachel didn't have time to go get rings. Instead, they improvised. Noah saved the cork to the champagne they shared the night he asked her to marry him and whittled it down to what he thought would match Rachel's finger. He took thread and tied it around the cork to save it until he put it on Rachel's finger. Right after the vows were said and a kiss to seal the deal, the two participated in their first communion as Mr. and Mrs. Thoms. The vibrant colors of the sunset started to reflect on the lake and everything around us was magenta. Rachel and Noah were in this euphoria of finding their soul mates and knowing the most genuine and true feeling there is - love. 

After the ceremony, we played in the sunset for a bit to capture the feelings shared between the new couple. These two were so giddy feeling so liberated with the fact that no one knew they were married but them and God. I'm not even sure how to describe the way these two were just so smitten with each other. They were almost on a high of finding the one they belong to and making this decision without anyone else's opinion. They knew they were meant to be and didn't need anyone else to confirm that. There were several times I would have to repeat directions because they were so in the moment of love and giggling to each other. It was one of the most romantic bridal sessions I have done. Enjoy the photos xoxo



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Aaron + Tori Aaron + Tori

Carbondale, IL


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Litwin California Coast Wedding Litwin Wedding 


Sea Ranch, California

Elopements are definitely where my heart is but they're even more special when a family member hires you to photograph their elopement. My Aunt and her Fiance love Sea Ranch California and decided that was the place to begin their love story. We found the best spot on the coast of California where they would say their vows. This intimate occasion was focused on the love they have found and the beauty of Northern California. Juliene and Rudy gathered their friends in California to witness, but while the ceremony was going on, Juliene and Rudy only saw each other. To them, no one else was around. It was simply beautiful. 

Juliene's wedding ring is her mother's wedding ring and Rudy's wedding ring is a family crest passed down from generations all the way from Italy. Right before the ceremony, Rudy gifted Juliene with a charm bracelet featuring her new initials. All of the details made this day so special and I was so lucky to have captured these special moments. 


... And yes I did climb the cliffs in that dress. #anythingfortheshot


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Central Illinois Summer Winery Wedding // Niles Matt & Kyra Niles

Mackinaw Winery


On a sunny July day, Kyra and Matt gathered their family and friends for a beautiful ceremony at Mackinaw Valley Winery. From the perfect bouquets to the dreamy reception hall - everything was incredible, even with the July Heat! I love the neutral color palette of grey and blush, which paired perfectly with Kyra's lace gown. The day was filled with emotion, love, family, and lots of wine. Check it out!







Formal Wear:







Cake Crumbs Limited

Make Up Artist:

Caley Carr (Salon Lush Morton Il)

Hair Stylist:

Caley Carr (Salon Lush Morton Il)

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Cheyenne + Michael Cheyenne + Michael

Bloomington Lake, IL

Cheyenne and Michael, meeting and falling in love in their hometown, are finally continuing their love story together after years of long distance while going to different schools. You won't believe these photos are taken right here in Central Illinois. The wind and the sun came together in perfect unison to amplify Cheyenne and Michael's passion for each other to the next level. Cheyenne was a cheerleader at Illinois State while Michael ran track for Southern Illinois University - Michael coincidently has white track shoes and Cheyenne had white pompoms, perfect for a ring shot. I'm so excited to shoot their wedding next year. Take a look at the cuteness ------>


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Luke + Nicole Luke and Nicole

Bloomington-Normal, IL


Luke and Nicole, both Illinois Wesleyan alums, met me on one of the hottest days in Illinois to shoot at their alma mater. The sun was really shining and we spent most of the time at Tucci Stadium in the direct sunlight. Now this isn't a typical "oh we grew up together" or "my friend was seeing their friend and then we met" type of engagement - these two proudly admitted to me that they met on Tinder! Nowadays, people meet online, it's really not uncommon. I love the irony that Tinder was strictly made for "hooking up" but it's now bringing people together who fall in love! It's crazy and lovely all at once!

After they had told me how they met, Nicole and Luke giggled together remembering how crazy it is that they hadn't met previously. Nicole was a Cheerleader and Luke on the football team, all for Illinois Wesleyan. There are only a little over 2,000 students at Wesleyan, so you see why it's so odd they hadn't met before.

Luke and Nicole just radiate their love for each other and were complete naturals in front of the camera. I mean, just check it out for yourself! 




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Claudin Wedding Alyssa and Scott Claudin

Washington, IL    5/20/17


As a photographer, when a wedding day calls for rain - you prepare the best you can. That morning I had bough clear umbrellas because nothing was going to keep us from going outside. Anticipating the rain all morning, the sun actually ended up coming out and the rain held off! 

Getting know Alyssa and Scott over the past year, I knew all the details would be amazing. Everything from the pendant of Alyssa's Grandpa on her bouquet to the groomsman's matching socks. Scott's son, Christian, was also included in the celebration wearing matching socks and helping Scott and Alyssa with the Unity Sand during the ceremony. 

The sweetest part of the whole day was the series of letters Scott had written for Alyssa that had a strict time schedule! Alyssa's sister and maid of honor took great care to make sure the letters were read at certain times.

The reception hall offered sweets as sweet as Alyssa and Scott's marriage and lots of dancing. Everyone was on the dance floor, even the little ones. The day couldn't have been more perfect, check it out! ------->



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Marshall + Ashlynn Marshall + Ashlynn

Groveland, IL


This engagement session consisted of lots of laughs, love, and a cute baby - I mean, that is thee perfect recipe for a killer engagement session, let's be honest here. Marshall and Ashlynn brought little Claire along to celebrate their upcoming marriage June of next year. The way Marshall looks at Claire and Ashlynn says it all. While getting those ring shots of Ashlynn's engagement ring, she mentioned to me that she still wears her promise ring Marshall had given her years before - of course I melted into a puddle right where I was standing and immediately had to photograph both of the rings together. We decided to catch the summer sunset in Groveland. You can't tell but, it was a very muggy hot 85 degree evening. Marshall and Ashlynn still cuddled close and shared so many laughs even though we were melting. Also, can we talk about Ashlynn's overalls!? I'm so obsessed, this is my type of bride!! Scroll down and enjoy the cuteness ---->>








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Koch Wedding Koch Wedding

May 14, 2017

Hidden Lake Winery, Aviston IL


Brian and Danielle had QUITE the weekend! On Saturday May 13, they both graduated form McKendree University where they met. Danielle came to play soccer for McKendree from New Zealand. Her and Brian started dating shortly after their first year at McKendree. Fast forward 3 years, Brian, 4 short months before graduation, got down on one knee. With Danielle's family being in New Zealand, Brian and Danielle wanted to make sure Danielle's family was included in their big day. Since they were coming from New Zealand for graduation, Danielle and Brian decided to make a whole weekend out of the festivities. Graduated on Saturday, Married on Sunday - it could not have been more perfect. 

Take a peek at their amazing day ----->




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Thomas Family Thomas Family

In-Home Session, Manito IL


I love shooting for my sweet families, but it's even sweeter when I get to meet a new member <3 I do not shoot newborn photos, I lack the proper training and equipment (seriously, thank your newborn photog because they do A LOT of work!!!) but I will surely shoot in home sessions with a new baby! The Thomas Family recently welcomed little Bridgette and DeAnna so graciously asked me to join them in their home after they were released from the hospital. As you can imagine, I literally jumped in the air when I got the text. I couldn't wait. The last time DeLaney saw me, I let her eat cake and dress like a unicorn, she wasn't too thrilled that I came without cake and unicorn costumes! Enjoy some of my favorite moments (especially the last moment) from the Thomas's session -------->



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Hill Family Hill Family

ICC Horticulture Lab, East Peoria


Sometimes I get a few minutes to reflect on where my camera has taken me and how many relationships it has formed for me. Austin and I used to run around in Jr. High together - shooting photos for his family as an adult is so disorienting, but I love every minute of it. Once his niece Khloe was born, his sister Shayla asked me to do one year photos of her. I have had the privilege of watching Khloe grow up and seeing the Hill family expand. Family photos don't stop once kids are adults - keep capturing those memories... and choose me to do it! <3 Life is a crazy ride - enjoy a few sweet moments from their session.


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Cannon Family Cannon Family

Funks Grove Bloomington IL


My favorite thing about being a wedding photographer is being involved with my couples for years to come! Whether that be purchasing a new house or welcoming a new baby and everything in between. Shelby and Ben are one of my wedding couples that have since come back letting me capture their growing family and I love it soooo much. Check out how cute baby Wyatt is - Mason loves him a ton! Shelby and Ben are just all around #couplegoals. --------->


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Kenzie, Morton Senior 17 Kenzie Dorn

Morton High School Senior 17

Forest Park Nature Center

Kenzie toughed the cold weather this day, 30 degrees to be exact. She said "You're going to pose me right? I haven't ever been in front of the camera." UM, she could have fooled me. I probably directed her twice the whole session, she was a complete natural in front of the camera. Currently playing Soccer for Morton, she will continue on to Illinois Central College to play soccer there as well. This girl has the best personality, is so intelligent, and cute to top it all off!! Kenzie, I will be getting ahold of you again soon to play model for me. It was a pleasure shooting your senior photos.<3 



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White Generation White Generation Session

Normal, IL


Have you thought about the family line you have been created from? Two people coming together and creating the family you're a part of - it's honestly amazing to think about. Shaylyn wanted to honor the relationship she has with her grandma and her mother through photographs. This day was 75 and sunny in February, perfect to capture this awesome generational relationship. How sweet are these?


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Elmore Extended Family Elmore Extended Family

East Peoria, IL

This session was a little more special than other extended family sessions. Hayley had contacted me wanting to get her whole family together to get photos with her Grandma Dee. Dee was recently diagnosed with cancer, Hayley really wanted to honor the cornerstone of their family. I couldn't help but smile the entire session and while editing. This session just radiates love and Dee is so proud of the family she has created. Here's to you, Dee - may you kick cancers butt <3



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Pollman Family Pollman Family

Normal, IL


As this family grows, this lucky photog gets to document every change!! We couldn't have asked for a better day for a family shoot. 70 and Sunny in February, DEAL. Avery and Dom totally stole the show with their cuteness. Avery so loves being a big sister and she has grown so much from our last shoot - a lot less bribery happening to achieve these photos!! Don't even get me started on the love between Dan and Ashley, they just radiate it unconditionally. Just check this cuteness out ------>


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Mary Beth Vintage Shoot Mary Beth

Normal IL 

Normal Theater 

Sugar Mama Bakery

Waiting Room Records

Recently relocating to Normal, IL I have tried to take every second I can to explore! Uptown Normal is hoppin' with awesome shops and stores all within a walkable distance. Mary Beth put on her vintage dress and from there we walked in and out of these businesses hoping to get a feel for her aesthetic. We stopped in the Sugar Mama Bakery and had a cupcake, checked out the records at Waiting Room Records, then snapped some shots outside of the Normal Theater. Uptown Normal has a lot to offer, make sure to check it out!


Are you interested in a vintage shoot? Contact me today!

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