McKenzie Bigliazzi Photography | About

Coffee snob, Education enthusiast, Sweets junky, and eternal love for Chicago.


 This is much more than a job to me, it's a lifestyle. Creating tangible priceless memories for others is truly an honor. Not only do I get to make beautiful photographs, I also form relationships with people I probably never would have met, which is amazing.


At 24, I am so lucky to be doing what I absolutely love. Currently attending Illinois State University for my MFA, I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with my BFA in May of 2016. Going through schooling for Art, I was always told I would never make any money. I heard a lot of "good luck" and I wasn't sure why. I knew art was my passion the minute I realized, with a camera I can do anything. Making money was never a deciding factor when it came to my future - I believe I hit the jackpot with my career.


Being a photographer has opened me up to more experiences than I ever could have imagined. No matter how much schooling I go through, my passion has taught me more about life than any amount of school ever could.  Shooting photos for my high school yearbook I was taught to shoot everything, don't miss a thing and this has stuck with me through adulthood. As your photographer, I promise you won't miss a thing.