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Thoms Intimate Elopement

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Rachel + Noah

Comlara Lake

Bloomington, IL

October 12, 2017


I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel at Illinois State University in the art program. Her and I instantly bonded over our love for photography. A few months had gone by and I receive and text from her saying, "Hey, what are you doing Thursday?" With it already being Monday of that week, I just planned to sit around and work on homework. She said, "My Fiance and I want to get married on Thursday and would love to have you shoot it." Immediately I was on board. It was so spur of the moment and I was excited to hear what they had planned.

We met the next night, Tuesday. Upon meeting, I was completely captivated by the way Noah and Rachel just LOVE each other. So genuinely and so deeply. When discussing all the details, I asked, "How many family and friends will be there?" Noah and Rachel lovingly looked at each other and started to giggle. Rachel looks up at me and says, "Zero." Surprised and shocked, I followed up with "If you don't mind me asking, why?" Rachel said, "Once we got engaged, we immediately started planning. We didn't realize how much actually goes into a wedding. People started to ask about all the details and we really tried to hang in there. One night, we joked about eloping but realized we could actually do it. We both started to realize that we were losing sight of why we are actually doing this. We decided that an intimate elopement would be perfect, us and God. Plus, our families often joke about us just eloping because that is our style." We continued this conversation for about 2 hours. I was amazed by the love and genuineness between those two. They were already one, but they wanted to make it official. Together, the three of us planned this elopement from decor to colors. Noah built a beautiful arbor with branches from his backyard and Rachel put together the floral arrangements.

The ceremony was to start right before sunset. My assistant and I arrived to help Noah set the decor up. It was important to Rachel that Noah doesn't see her before the ceremony started so I acted as a wedding planner for Rachel. The spot on Comlara Lake already had a natural aisle which was so perfect. Noah and Rachel chose to write their own vows that were extremely heartfelt and truthful. My favorite part of the ceremony was their "stand in" rings. With everything being so spur of the moment, Noah and Rachel didn't have time to go get rings. Instead, they improvised. Noah saved the cork to the champagne they shared the night he asked her to marry him and whittled it down to what he thought would match Rachel's finger. He took thread and tied it around the cork to save it until he put it on Rachel's finger. Right after the vows were said and a kiss to seal the deal, the two participated in their first communion as Mr. and Mrs. Thoms. The vibrant colors of the sunset started to reflect on the lake and everything around us was magenta. Rachel and Noah were in this euphoria of finding their soul mates and knowing the most genuine and true feeling there is - love. 

After the ceremony, we played in the sunset for a bit to capture the feelings shared between the new couple. These two were so giddy feeling so liberated with the fact that no one knew they were married but them and God. I'm not even sure how to describe the way these two were just so smitten with each other. They were almost on a high of finding the one they belong to and making this decision without anyone else's opinion. They knew they were meant to be and didn't need anyone else to confirm that. There were several times I would have to repeat directions because they were so in the moment of love and giggling to each other. It was one of the most romantic bridal sessions I have done. Enjoy the photos xoxo




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